Corporate sales

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Corporate Sales

Corporate sales are the sales that a company makes to another company through its everyday transactions.Corporate sales are also called B2B sales, or business-to-business, sales. On the other hand, ifsales are made directly to the end consumer, these are called business-to-consumer, or B2C, sales.

Corporate sales usually involves selling a commodity that is sold to corporates in bulk providing them a bulk discount which is usually sold to other customers as well but not in bulk. For example an ecommerce portal that sells flowers and bouquets can have a corporate tie up with companies to provide them 50 bouquets a month for a discounted price than what is sold on the ecommerce portal. When a salesperson from the bouquet firm approaches the corporate for a deal like this he is doing corporate sales

B2B marketing is where a company is selling its products to only a few customers who are going to use that product further down in the business, the transaction size is usually huge and the concept of account management comes in where the salesperson maintains a relationship with his client to understand his needs and provide him customised solutions.

There was a time when salespeople were measured on number of doors knocked and number of calls made. Those times are long gone and the way we do sales has evolved. The customers have evolved and with internet revolution, they can easily access your product information and your competitors offering.

Customers today search for your business online, gather knowledge about your products and compare vendors before salespeople can reach them. They can easily get reviews about your product and even get in touch with businesses who have used your product. The power is with customers and they have access to everything.

Salespeople have to change with new kind of customer to close a sale.

There is a reason why people say cold calling is dead, customers don’t like to be bothered by cold calls or door knocking anymore.Due to all the above reasons sales process have also evolved over time and smart sales people have started using subtle ways to reach out to potential customers.

Let me start with the steps that come early in any sales process of corporate sales

Primary Lead Qualification- Sales manager should create an ideal customer profile based on business objective, industry segment and existing customers. If you don’t have existing customer then you can make an intelligent assumption.Sales manager should also make sure that entire sales team understand profile of an ideal lead and this will help marketing team pass relevant leads to the prospecting team.

Cold Email Stage- Cold email is the only subtle and outbound channel where you will see actual results in today’s world. This is the first step of an inside sales process.You will use this step to initiate a conversation with the lead and create awareness about your product/solution. This is not really done through just talking about your product, it is done through talking about the problem you are trying to solve.

Schedule a call or demo- After the lead is introduced through email to the closing team, they will schedule online call or a demo depending on the lead to move them forward in the process.This is the stage where lead has shown some interest but still not sure where your business can solve the problem that they are experiencing. This is the stage where lead will try to match the problem and the solution you are offering. They will need convincing at a level by understanding the problem they are facing and for which they will be willing to pay.

Proposal & Cheque Stage-This is a stage where your lead has liked your solution and wants to give look at aspects like pricing, trust towards your business and deliverability of your business.

Lead nurturing Process-This is not at all part of sales process and it is not handled by sales team. This is the process handled by marketing team. Here is what the marketing team should be doing for lead nurturing:

1.Email nurturing campaign separately for leads which need nurturing.

2.Typically leads hich have shown some interest in your business will go in lead nurturing process.

3.Lead nurturing process is not about selling, it’s about sharing educational content with the lead which can add value to their business. Never ever sell your product during lead nurturing process.

4.You are doing lead nurturing to create a communication channel between your business and potential leads. You are waiting for the right time for leads to feel the need for your product and at that stage you can bring them back to sales process.

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