POWER OF 9 THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH Number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, service to humanity, and purpose endowed with Vision and when the same is turned into a compensation plan it creates tremendous power to change one’s life and destiny. Our plan has 9 ways of getting paid and that is why it will set industry standards to the highest.

PUGOS blends the unequaled power of Astaxanthin with an unparalleled business opportunity – one that allows pugos associates to capitalize the booming wellness industry.

By positioning your PUGOS business alongside the current global health and wellness trends, this business can quite simply be bigger than anyone could dream. Whether it’s a balanced lifestyle, more time with family, or financial freedom, pugos can help anyone make their VISION a reality. Pugos is empowering individuals from around the world through Loyalty, Unity and tie-up.

In addition to this power of 9 values, PUGOS dynamic Compensation Plan makes practically anything possible. It’s an innovative and generous plan that will reward pugos associates for their leadership and commitment. The strength of the PUGOS Dynamic Opportunity can give life-changing incomes.


When you join PUGOS at any packages immediately after joining you start getting products at the Distributor price. You will sell the products at Maximum Retail Price which fetches you a income upto 30%.  It’s an innovative and generous plan that will reward pugos associates for their leadership and commitment. The strength of the PUGOS Dynamic Opportunity can give life-changing incomes.


The best in the class products and the latest innovation in the world of health care will propel you to distribute the products to vast array of people like friends, relatives and others. Which will fetch you an additional income – STAR RETAILER PACK [SRP] consists of 10 bottles  Asta Shine worth MRP 19000 INR as a star retailer you get the pack at 12000 INR and business volume of 4000 BV.

 If you order minimum of 05 SRP  in a month you will get 1 SRP FREE


Being a path breaking innovation and Dynamic compensation plan which will surely make the people you know to seek to do business with you and when ever the person you introduce to the company decides to buy product for his personal use you get rewarded by PUGOS by providing commission of 5% of the total Value of the products.


As we start growing and making bigger groups and they in turn keep bringing in lots of their group ,we start getting income from our left group as well as right we can earn upto 15% of the group volume match bonus


At Pugos we understand that you will share all information with those two precious people in you life, and in order to share the special bond with the first two people you share the business with we will reward you by sharing the entire 100% Leadership Bonus cheque of first two enrolee


We know your leadership qualities is the one that will make us grow and also matters to your group for being the leader we will reward your effort with 10% of the Group Business Volume Cheque of your personally enrolled third member onward and their first two enrolees to infinite depth and width.


At Pugos we appreciate people who are always there to protect and nurture their teams through mentoring in order to motivate you to mentor more and more people our dynamic compensation plan provides you a leveraging income of 10% on Group Business Volume matching cheque upto 4 generations of your enrollment tree, which is depending on your rank.


Our Dynamic Compensation plan is set to provide awards and rewards all through the journey of your success as you grow in Pugos, our rewards program is one of the best in the industry.


Pugos recognizes that the person to be healthy and happy and top of his spirit he needs a healthy break with his family once in a while we offer you the most exotic vacation at various locale of the world where you can explore the world with Pugos vacations with your family and loved ones.