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AstaReal Astaxanthin in ASTASHINE, the most studied with over more than 40 patents world wide.

1 How microalgae culture apparatus, culture 3462508
2 Astaxanthin solution 4656463
3 The method of manufacturing AstaReal oil 4934272
4 astaxanthin -β ·γ-cyclodextrin clathrates 4859006
5 and its container body fading Prevention Act of carotenoid-based dye 4409617
6 dough baked foods that contain astaxanthin 4647712
7 mammal of the increase and growth accelerator 3620858
8 muscle disorders, muscle duration of improving agent 3660244
9 eye of the regulatory function disorder improving agent 3778509
10 increase and improve agent of semen 4541343
11 astaxanthin by H.pylori - gastric ulcer of improving agent 4267076
12 xanthophyll by H. pylori - gastric ulcer of improving agent 4463773
13 Food for the increase and improvement of semen 3897978
14 diabetes and method for the treatment of diabetic complications 4933097
15 γ stabilization of astaxanthin by cyclodextrin inclusion bodies 50415665
16 fatty acids blended absorbing an improved skin external preparation of astaxanthin 5090143
17 muscle atrophy failure of improving agent 5196708
18 autoimmune disease-modifying drugs 5005143
19 body fat-reducing agent 5165894
20 vascular endothelial protective agent 5070040
21 High concentration astaxanthin extract 5334492
1 astaxanthin -γ cyclodextrin clathrates JP 2012-077087
2 astaxanthin, tocotrienol, consisting of ascorbic acid glucoside anti-oxidant JP 2008-179632
3 astaxanthin aqueous solution JP 2011-092083
4 Ascorbic acid, antioxidant blended with tocopherols unpublished
5 metabolic syndrome improving agent trick-play WO2007 /
6 body fat combustion improving agent JP 2009-215170
7 diabetes complications disease prevention agent containing a combination of polyphenols JP 2009-007346
8 visibility operational capability improving agent JP-A-2009-298740
9 anaerobic exercise improving agent JP-A-2011-063547
10 vascular regression inhibitor JP 2012-246244
11 life extension agent JP-A-2012-072132
12 non-alcoholic steatohepatitis of prevention improving agent JP W02012157290
13 intestinal flora improving agent unpublished
14 whitening agent JP-A-2011-032171
15 wrinkle improving agent JP-A-2011-063563
16 skin barrier function accelerator JP 2011-126820
17 odor inhibitor JP 2011-236171
1 Agents for relieving eye controlling function error EP 1396264
2 Oral preparation for the prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of Helicobacter sp. infection US 6262316
3 Medicament for improvement of duration of muscle function or treatment of muscle disorders or diseases US 6245818
4 Use of xanthophylls for improvement of duration of muscle function or treatment of muscle disorders CA 2299366
5 Method of increasing the production and improving the quality of semen US 6410602
6 Method of the prophylactic treatment of mastitis US 6335015
7 Treatment of dyspepsia US 6923967
8 Use of xanthophylls astaxanthin e.g. for treatment of autoimmune diseases chronic viral and intracellular bacterial infections US 6773708
9 Method of inhibiting the expression of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines US 078040
10 Composition for body fat reduction JP 5165894
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